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Case Studies, Billabong
With an upcoming theatrical release projected for the summer of 2002, Arenaplex�a specialized film production company�enlisted vFive during post-production of their first feature film, Billabong Odyssey. The task was to produce a rich web experience that would introduce the concept behind the film and motivate visitors to see the film once it reached theaters. As the name suggests, Billabong, the Australian extreme sport giant, was the primary sponsor of the film.

Billabong Odyssey is a documentary that chronicles the first leg of a three-year surfing expedition. With sophisticated weather tracking technology and the latest surf, tow and rescue equipment, a group of elite athletes set out to surf the biggest waves on the planet.


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The film�s powerful subject matter and stunning visuals served as the foundation for the final design direction. An austere approach that steered clear of traditional surf theme clich�s allowed the imagery to speak for itself. In line with the stark appearance, the arrangement and behavior of the different information modules were deliberately methodic and free of ornamentation.

With a rich experience in mind from the onset, the site was built to include streaming video and a narrative navigation system that encourages exploration. It also took advantage of new features unveiled in the latest version of Flash, released by Macromedia less than a month before the launch of

Billabong Odyssey

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Billabong Odyssey

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Billabong Odyssey

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