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Case Studies, Boreal Mountain Resort
Gearing up for the 2001-2002 winter season, Boreal Mountain Resort, one of Powder Corporation�s Lake Tahoe resorts, was ready for a new website. To stand out amongst the several competing resorts in the neighborhood, the site had to offer something different.

In addition to providing the typical information expected from a ski resort site, vFive looked for ways to create a site that would build excitement and attract a diverse demographic: young snowboarders, beginners, parents, and snow enthusiasts on a budget.


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410 Jessie Street Suite 701
San Francisco, CA 94103

Snow is the driving factor behind the success of a ski resort in any particular season. With that basic premise in mind, it became clear that access to up-to-date information on weather conditions was paramount. Not only was that information given prominence on the homepage of the site, but a custom Flash-based application was developed to allow access to key resort data directly from a user�s desktop, without the need to open a web browser. Named the Boreal MountainLink, the small desktop application was made available for download from Boreal�s site, and quickly received attention from Macromedia, earning a Site of the Day award for January 4, 2002.

Boreal Mountain Resort

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Boreal Mountain Resort

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Boreal Mountain Resort

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