Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Case Studies, Discreet
vFive developed a series of promotional Macromedia Flash invitations for Discreet to advertise its events and products via email. The invitations greet users with engaging animation and sound that describe and entice the user to attend the promoted event. The user is then presented with a form to register or RSVP.

Our RSVP eCards were overnight sensations. Recipients forwarded the seminar and open house invitations to friends and colleagues, creating a highly viral marketing mechanism. Users find these animations so compelling that Web server logs show users continuing to download the invitations after the event had already passed.


415 227 9885   T
415 227 9785   F
410 Jessie Street Suite 701
San Francisco, CA 94103

Coupled with database registrations and Web-based tools for managing registrations and RSVPs, these eCards offer a seriously entertaining way to market events and promotions via the Web and email.


Montreal BDA promo


NYC open house still


Combustion Tour promo still

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