RSESSION - Session Management for Clusters That Support Failover with Allaire Cold Fusion
Last Updated: 8/4/2007

Although this is not really maintained any longer and is not as
relevant given ColdFusion MX, some people may still find this
code useful as a drop-in replacement or as a starting point
for something custom.  Jason Baker provided me with a CFC-based
conversion of the code in 2006 which I have included here and
released for completeness.  Glad this has helped a few people
over the years.  Cheers, 


Current Version: 2.0.0 (8/6/2007):


Changes from 1.3.0:

Added a new CFC-based version provided by Jason Baker 
and two new SQL scripts for SQL Server and Sybase.

Changes from 1.2.1:

Added a Custom Tag version of Rsession based upon user request.  
Implementing Rsession is now as simple as adding one line of code
each to Application.cfm and OnRequestEnd.cfm.  Check out INSTALL
for updated installation instructions.  

Changes from 1.2:

Uncommented CFWDDX action in session_clean.cfm.  Delete query was
referencing request.clean which is derived from CFWDDX.

Changes from 1.1:

Modified out-of-the-box behavior to no longer use 0 as the default
value for CFID.  Now using a random 6 digit number that mimics the
security and functionality of Allaire's default session management.
Read the THEORY file to understand why we were using 0.

Changes from 1.0:

Reorganized distribution, added BACFUG presentation.  Made available
in tar.gz and zip.  

Made numerous minor fixes to the code templates themselves - including
protection against malicious SQL, and a modification to the CFCOOKIE
tag that is absolutely crucial to proper operation in a cluster.

Check the ChangeLog for full details.

What Is It?

Read the README

How to Install

Read the INSTALL


RSESSION is free to use, modify, hack, destroy, etc.  I would appreciate
it if you would let me know if you use it so that we can improve it over
time and possibly build a library of modules that run on top of it.

I love to hear what other developers are doing with Cold Fusion.


--Brian Ghidinelli, <brian @ vfive.com>